The USS Edson is Almost Home

I love boats and boating.  Our family started boating when I was a teenager and it’s been love ever since.

I have been watching with interest the travels of a retired naval destroyer as she is towed to her new home in Bay City, Michigan.  The journey began in Philadelphia on July 18th, with the Edson being towed by a tug named Colonel.  The boats will have traveled 2,436 miles to arrive in Bay City, off Lake Huron, sometime tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 7th.


Bay City native Kenneth Bailey captured this photo of the USS Edson as it passed the Ambassador Bridge in the Detroit River on Aug 5.  As featured on Aug. 6, 2012.

A comment on-line led me to the website where I was able to see the boat come out of the Weland locks into Lake Erie, (Fri. & Sat) and watched the little boat-icon move into the Detroit River Sunday.  It’s pretty cool to see the vessels on the waterways moving here and there.  Enter the ship’s name on the left and zoom in to the Lake Huron side of Michigan to see the Colonel (that’s the ship which is underway) moving to its destination.  (If the boat is out of range, unfortunately, you won’t see it on the screen).

Here’s an excerpt from who have been covering the journey since the USS Edson left Philadelphia.

“The tugboat (the Colonel)  will lead the Edson to Wirt Stone Dock, located a quarter mile downriver from the Independence Bridge. It will dock here temporarily until mooring installation is complete at its permanent location near the Independence Bridge Boat Launch.

Visitors can expect to first tour the USS Edson around September. The Edson will serve as the floating centerpiece of the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum. In April, the Navy announced it was donating the ship to the museum.

The destroyer got under way from Philadelphia on Wednesday July 18. The ship’s departure marked the beginning of a journey across 2,436 miles of ocean and freshwater from the East Coast to Bay City.”

Article credit to

I don’t live far from Bay City.  Think I’ll have to road trip over and get some awesome pictures of this elegant, historic vessel as she enters the Saginaw River.

A Big Welcome to the USS Edson as she nears her new home port in Bay City, Michigan!

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Nancy Sinatra Rocked Her Boots

I grew up in a house full of music, thanks to my Dad, who loved to sing and enjoyed a variety of musical genres.  I played piano and most of my siblings played one or more musical instruments, so tunes infused my life from early on.

The first music video I remember was Nancy Sinatra singing her famous song, These Boots Were Made For Walking.   It came out in 1966 (I was very young) and was #1 in the USA and the UK. Listen to the lyrics – what a hoot!

I saw this remarkable early video in a restaurant lobby.  There was a special jukebox that had a TV or projection screen.  I watched, mesmerized, as a video of Sinatra strutting her stuff and singing that great song unfolded before me.

Most of the dancers had ratted  hairdos, long sweater shirts and black undies, white lipstick, and heavy dark eyeliner. (It was the 60’s fashion)  You know, go-go girls! They all wore boots, but Nancy’s were leather, knee-high kickers.

The song was a big hit and the video showcased the seduction. Yes, I said seduction.

I’d never seen anything like it before, except on variety TV programs  like The Ed Sullivan Show.  He introduced American audiences to the likes of The Beatles, along with many other rising stars of the time.  Small beans, I know.

The next most memorable music video for me was The Cars Dire Straits singing their famous song I Want My MTV.  They helped put MTV on the map, when their new format was all music videos, all the time. It was a radical programming move for 1980. That’s not the case today, but I imagine many readers of the younger persuasion first saw music videos through this venue.

As for Ms. Sinatra? No entertainer today has anything over Nancy  and her walking boots.  Her video was considered risque’ for the time.  Yet, it was a lesson in seduction, without the nudity, vile language, and explicit body movements you see too much of today.

To this day, These Boots Were Made For Walking  is the most memorable music video for me.  Whether it was the novelty of it or my youthful innocence, Nancy Sinatra rocked those boots like none other!

How about you? What (or who?) was the most memorable music video you watched?

PS – I learned a valuable lesson here.  Always check the facts before posting in case my memory is off, which in this case, it was. Thanks to Pegoleg for correcting my facts.  Sheesh…

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My Green Acres Life

Once upon a time I was quite cosmopolitan and lived in a beautiful, big city.  I had a business career and dressed in suits, carried a briefcase, and wore high heeled pumps.  I worked with some major movers and shakers.  It was exciting!

The city was (and still is) gorgeous, with loads of cultural events to attend.  I loved living by the lake with all the excitement a big city offers.

I first left my beloved city to live abroad for two years in Japan, as an Assistant English Teacher (AJET).  Talk about cultural immersion and fascinating scenery!  It was a grand adventure.  That experience led to my leaving the big city permanently, returning to my roots in Michigan to become a teacher.

While studying to become a state certified teacher, I met THE man who would become my husband.  Now, I live in the country on many acres of land, in an old house, needing many replacements and repairs.  And critters.  And weeds. And spiders.  And bugs that like to bite me!

That’s when I started hearing the theme song from the TV show, Green Acres in my mind.  Loudly…

You know, the show where a glamorous city diva meets the man of her dreams and he decides to become a farmer and live in the country.  Gotta love Zsa Zsa Gabor in that role as she intones “Dahling, I love ya, but give me Park Avenue!”

And so, here I am living the Green Acres life.  I miss some things about my beloved big city, like the lake and plays, music and museums, restaurants, and sidewalks.  But I sure don’t miss the traffic, noise and lack of privacy in high-rise land.

It’s been some years now in the country and I have adjusted.  My husband is a fabulous gardener and he grows beautiful flowers and veggies from seed.  We’ve planted many trees in the past 15 years as well, so our ‘estate’ is quite beautiful.  (OK, truth be told, I helped and he did the heavy digging).

I still visit my favorite city at least once a year.  That’s about the only way I can get anyone to eat sushi with me! 🙂

I fondly remember my life before Green Acres.  But, today, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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BIG thanks to my mentor and sister, Pegoleg, who got me started on this thing called blogging.  She’s in a field all by herself (not literally, c’mon), she’s so talented and witty.

Thanks for stopping by! Please be sure to leave a comment.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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Note: This is my “Welcome to WordPress” from WordPress post.  When I got the shell of this here blog up, with the help of Pegoleg, I didn’t have MY first post ready to publish.  So, I got comments on my welcome post.

I started this blog to write more and chronicle my life of adventures.  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for some pearls cast your way!

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