In Pursuit of Lobster – We’re Off To Maine!

Yummmm….Lobsters and chowder!

Thank you to all who shared their pearls of wisdom about where to go in Maine!(doesn’t a big, steamy, fresh lobster smothered in hot butter sound good about now?  Hmmm?)

My husband and I are heading to Maine for a late summer trip.  It’s our birthday gift to each other.  We have a limited amount of time so we had to decide where we wanted to visit and the best route to get there (and eat lobster – every freaking day, maybe).  Niagara Falls is now off the list for this trip.

There are many cute little motels and hotels along the route and we could just wing it, staying at a different place every few days. But that’s a lot of searching,  packing, and unpacking.  We decided to look for a place to rent for the week.

It had to have a great view of the water and be close to lobster and the sights.  The Bar Harbor area looked like the prettiest place to settle down.  Three rentals were available to choose from.

One choice was an apartment above a gift store in Bar Harbor – great view from the back, but no balcony.  Still, being in town, we would have many options for eating lobster, shopping and entertainment.  And, an easy stumble home after cocktails!

Another apartment was in Linconville – another gorgeous view, across the street from a sandy beach, but no balcony, second floor.  There are a few restaurants and shops within walking distance to get that, yup, you guessed it, lobster, but it’s farther from Bar Harbor.

The third choice was a cottage in Bass Harbor, on the other side of the island.  Great views of a working harbor, a deck, and situated on the free bus route that goes to Bar Harbor.  There are only a few places within walking distance of lobsters and libations.

We leave for Maine early Friday morning so a decision had to be made and soon.  Gulp.  Over the weekend we talked about the pros and cons of each rental.  We thought about how we would use our precious time and how the location we chose would serve our travel.

Finally, we decided to go for it and called the owner of the ….. (drum roll please) … The Bass Harbor cottage!!!

We were torn between the Bar Harbor apartment downtown  and the cottage.  But, the way I figure it, we’re kind of homebodies anyway and we like to sit outside.  The cottage was the only rental with a private deck to enjoy the spectacular view.  We can take the bus to town if we don’t want to drive. And, since my hubby is a very talented cook, we will eat lobster at the cottage, too! 🙂

I can’t WAIT for my first lobster, scallops, chowder, and all the other yummy dishes we will sample in Maine. I can’t WAIT to see the ocean and Acadia Park, and Mt. Cadillac at sunrise.  The scenery will be awesome where ever we go in Maine and the photo opportunities abundant.

Beyond that? I get to sit on a deck, looking at the harbor, off of the mighty Atlantic Ocean, for a week.

Every day and night.  And eat lobster.  It will be heavenly!


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26 Responses to In Pursuit of Lobster – We’re Off To Maine!

  1. k8edid says:

    And the first time you dribble melted butter on your blouse – say “This one’s for you, Katy.”

  2. pegoleg says:

    I’m SOOOooooo jealous, sis! I think you picked right with the cottage. You and Pat have a fab time and don’t worry about a thing.

    • I am sorry I can’t do another trip with YOU. I know that would be fab-fun. This one will pretty much kill the happy funds from my budget. It’s been an expensive summer what with the new wheels.
      I think we will like the cottage the best, even though there aren’t many places to walk to. And, the in-town apartment agent didn’t call this morning so I’m glad we went ahead and decided on the cottage. We can enjoy the time we are hanging out there on the deck.
      Our friend Kelly is going to house and Matty sit while we’re gone so that makes for less worry while we’re away. I’ll try not to think about … back to school, day after we return 😦 But, until then, I must have fun!!! And, eat lobster 🙂

  3. mary i says:

    Lobster Butter on your clothes, Say Dawn as spot remover. on your skin say: Ahh Life Is good!! Please eat some of all of the above for me… I am loving chicken right now (oh well 🙂 Enjoy; you are worth every bit of it….Hey from T-town Alabama… PS Tell Stephan a fan says Hello

  4. lexiemom says:

    “…doesn’t a big, steamy, fresh lobster smothered in hot butter sound good about now? Hmmm?”
    Yes it does! I’m jealous! Enjoy your trip!

  5. Al says:

    Have great trip and if you really want to meet Stephen King, just get that word around that your name is Carrie and you’re back in town for a little more payback.

  6. Happy birthday to you both!

  7. It does sound heavenly! I love Bar Harbor. We usually go in the fall. Make sure to have one of their Blueberry Ales–to die for. You are in luck because lobster is super cheap right now. We just bought three last week practically straight off the dock (my mom steamed them) and it only came to 10 bucks! Get all the lobster you can, Tar. ENJOY it!

    Stephen King–I live in the town he grew up in. He went to the high school my kids will go to one day. His childhood home is in Durham, just down the road from where I lived as a kid for a few years. His latest book is based in the town I live in now and he even included actual photos of the town in his book…one is of an old storefront that still exists and I drive by it every day. Yup, Maine can be pretty creepy I guess. Must be all that snow that drives people mad? 😉 Good thing you’re visiting in the summertime.

    • Oh, forgot to say Happy birthday! Mine is coming up very soon as well (gulp)

      • Next week – Sunday and Wednesday. We will work on being very happy on our travel infused birthdays!
        All the most wonderful and choicest blessings on YOUR big day!
        Remember, honey, you are a young chicken compared to me.
        And, Peg. You know I love ya, Pegolegolicious! You’re looking fabulous, dahlinggggggg!
        Just sayin’ 🙂

    • Darla! Ms. Maine-iAC! We are geeked. Is that a word? Well, I don’t give a royal patootie. It sounds good 🙂
      I’m starting to obsess about trying to meet Mr. Stephen King, my college age reading retinue. I’m not like Misery’s biggest fan, the Kathy Bates character (I love her!). I think it would be uber cool to meet the master of suspense, creep, horror and more!
      Nah, no way would he consider saying hello to me and letting me take a picture. For my classroom. For the Kids! For my bucket list. Just for fun.
      A girl can dream, can’t she?
      We will have to find a way to meet, if only for a photo shoot, with the requisite disguises.
      Sounds like fun. Do you have disguises?
      I’ll let you know if Mr. King deigns to meet me. Excited!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lovely! I lived in Las Vegas for a while and there was this one hotel, well away from the strip, that used to serve whole lobsters as part of their seafood buffet one night a week – when I say “whole” they were cut in half lengthways, but you could push the two halves together and have a whole one – when I say a whole “one”, I of course mean a whole five or six… I’m pretty sure my friend and I were responsible for them taking lobster off of their seafood buffet after a few months. We would have our plates piled high, with little pots of drawn butter all around us. I’ve no idea what else they served at that buffet, nothing else got a look in. I’m sure the lobsters weren’t anywhere near as good as fresh ones in Maine, but they were pretty good nonetheless!

    • What a delightful and expensive buffet. Yum for you, maybe not so for the owners.
      Darla at She’sAMaineiac informed me that lobsters are really cheap right now. It won’t be the case with gas for driving (we’re now at $4/gal) but at least something will be affordable – and tasty! Yummmm…

  9. Mary Kay says:

    It’s going to be so much fun! Have a safe journey and eat some lobster for me. Is there room for me in your suitcase?

    • I would love to put both you and Peg in the suitcases but I think Pat would soon find out, like wondering where that giggling sound is coming from???
      Take some time for yourself, sista! The house will come together and then baby will be here soon. Rest while you can!

  10. Tar-Buns, you two have done your homework. I’m sure you have made a wise choice in accomodations for your needs. Relax and enjoy… you’ve gotten enough suggestions to take you through a 3 month hiatus in Maine. Let your brain stop swimming, breathe in the sea air and enjoy your lobster and your exploration. The air in Maine has healing powers. Hope it’s the best vacation ever. Just follow one rule ~ eat lobster every day to keep the gloomies away (and Mainiac is correct, prices are VERY low right now!).

    • Woke up middle of the night thinking “is this the right place? ’cause it’s a major factor in our trip. Hubby came home yesterday and showed some gloomy pictures of the cabin and surrounding area, at low tide, brown grass, off Google maps. It’s not a real time photo but some stock photo for that address, but it made me anxious, again thinking, holy crap – did we pick a dud?
      Must stop stressing about this. We’ll be exploring most days anyway.
      I know it is partly because I’m back to work the day after we return so the whole back to school mind game has started. Every ‘end of summer’ break I make myself sick. Teacher stress.
      Calgon!!! Take me away!

  11. You’re really just going for the lobster, aren’t you? 🙂

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