On The Road Again, Destination Maine!

My husband and I are planning a trip to Maine, VERY soon.  This is a somewhat last minute “end of summer” idea and we’re limited to 9 days going and coming.  We’ll road trip from MI down to I-80, then we’ll Head East (Flat As A Pancake one of my faves) 🙂  ultimately arriving in Maine.

Any advice, Darla at ShesAMaineiac.com?  How about the rest of you Mainers?

We hope to stay around Niagara Falls our first night out. I’ve never been and I want to check it off my bucket list.

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are both “must see” on our visit to Maine.  After that, we have no set plan, yet. And that could be a fine plan in and of itself because most of the big road trips over the years have revolved around family events. Don’t get me wrong, we had a fabulous time at the various venues over the past years.

It’s just that this will be the first trip where we do NOT have to be anywhere at any particular time and we won’t have to dress up, unless we really want to.

Love the ocean!
This is Folly Beach, SC from our road trip a few years back.

When we first started talking about this trip, I said my maine (tee hee) goals were to see the ocean, eat loads of seafood, and take fabulous photos of the vistas along the way.  My husband is good with that, but also wants to see the outdoors.

I love the outdoors, too, don’t get me wrong.  But then he said something about being in the wilderness, as in camping.  Gahhh!!! Camping.

I smiled – sort of – and said “Gee, honey, I’m not sure about that.  You know, all the gear you have to bring. And there’s set-up and pack-up time to consider.  What if it’s like 150 degrees out or pouring rain?  And then there’s my right knee.  And bugs. And the price of gas right now?  All that extra weight would drag the MPG down. But, if you really want to…?”

In other words, I. Don’t. Think. So.   I’d consider a cabin, a cottage or a motel. (I’m such a baby …)

It’s not like we haven’t been investigating our options.  We’ve got the maps and the AAA TourBook.  We’ve googled and searched the interwebz.  We’ve made calls to places for rent. There’s simply too many fun sounding places to see.  I need your input.

How bad is Route 2 going east into Maine? It would be the road less traveled.  Or do we travel the big roads, haul the proverbial patootie,  go as far east as we can, and travel north along the east coast?  We are pondering which route to take.

So, all you savvy travellers, what are your recommendations?

I am ready with my net to catch your pearls of wisdom! Thank you!


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23 Responses to On The Road Again, Destination Maine!

  1. Maine is haunting me today. My daughter and her boyfriend just sent me a picture from there about an hour ago. They wanted lobster. They went to Maine. By way of Boston. Just because.

    I have no advice except to enjoy crossing this off your bucket list!

  2. mary i says:

    I have never been there. You take me, I am looking forward to it. 🙂 Stephen King lives up there somewhere…

  3. David Patterson says:

    Stephen King does live in Maine… right down the block from me actually 🙂

    In the summer, I say hit the coast and hug it as best you can all the way to Acadia National Park. Spend as much time as you can there… so much to see and do… have a great trip!

    • Ooohhh…you are King’s neighbor? How fun. Ever have a chat?
      Thank you for your comments. I’m thinking the coast would be THE most scenic route, when I do want to see that water as much as possible. Cheers!

      • David Patterson says:

        Standing in line at the movie theater, or picking up the newspaper at the corner store… he is around. People are actually pretty protective of the Kings’ celebrity. They have been very generous in supporting the community, so if you ask a local for directions to their house, you’ll likely be sent the wrong way 😉

  4. k8edid says:

    Oh, I wish I could go….you will have a wonderful time. One of the great things about blogging is living vicariously through others.

  5. pattisj says:

    Sounds like fun! I’ve never been to New England, but would love to see Vermont in autumn.

  6. Yay! Tar is coming to Maine!

    Route 2? Never been on it. I drove to Michigan a few years ago and the worst traffic out of the entire trip was once I hit the Maine turnpike coming and going out of the state. Dang tourists always clogging it up. (Oops, would you fall into that category now? )

    If you want to really go on a scenic drive, route one, up the coast is the prettiest. It will be busy this time of year. I avoid it until around Columbus day.

    Boothbay Harbor is gorgeous…Bar Harbor is heavenly. Acadia National Park and Cadillac mountain…must sees. Freeport for shopping (I grew up there so I know where everything is)

    Shoot me an email if you have any more questions or want to meet up for some java! 😀

    PS Is Peg coming with you? Maybe hiding in a suitcase?

    • Ooh! Just thought of more: Camden and Rockland. Both gorgeous and easy to get to if you drive up route one. Camden is one of my fave places, boats, pretty ocean views…hikes on the mountains. Great little village.

      • Thanks for the suggestions! We are actively looking at rentals in Maine, perusing the maps and HomeAway website and making calls. Oh! Just found Camden on the map.
        IF we do a week rental in Maine, Niagara Falls might have to be another trip.
        A cottage rental could be good for us, not having to unpack and pack every night, but close to a town to walk to the taverns and do city stuff.
        I’ll keep you posted.
        PS – Peg would love to hide in a suitcase and come along – I know she would, and I would love to have her come. But, you know what they say about 3 traveling together. This is really a trip for me and hubby.
        Java? We’ll see where we land and go from there!

  7. Al says:

    I’ve only been to Maine once for a few days but my wife spent two weeks there with a friend for her son’s wedding. She loved it and desperately wants to go back. Just one piece of advice. Pack for cold nights! Have fun!

    • You are right about cold nights. If we are by the ocean, temps will be chilly at night. One good thing about driving is we can throw extra clothes and chairs, coolers and stuff in the back and have it if we need it. Thanks, Al! More as we decide where to stay.

  8. T-B you are getting lots of good ideas. I have lived on the coast of southern Maine for 10 years now and I am pretty much a “coastal dweller.” I am beginning to force myself to learn more about the interior of Maine. Sorry, I don’t know Rt. 2 either. Rockland, ME is wonderful! If you are into art they have a wonderful art museum complete with the Wyeth Center and the ability to tour the Christina Olsen house (Christina’s World). I would agree with David Patterson ~ spend as much time in Acadia/Bar Harbor as you can. Become a member of the Sunrise Club ~ drive to the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia to watch the sunrise – the first place the sun appears on the east coast and breathtakingly gorgeous! Eat lobster. Have lobster stew and popovers at Jordan Pond House in Acadia. Any area along the coast ~ Rt. 1 will (as Mainiac said) be very busy, but beautiful. Boothbay is wonderful. If you have a day to take the ferry out of Port Clyde or Boothbay to Monhegan Island (less than a square mile) do so. Monhegan is an island of artists and fisherpersons. It is a magnificent place unlike anywhere you have ever been ~ especially if hubby wants nature, 15 miles of hiking trails and high cliffs rising above the sea.
    Now that we have thoroughly confused you… the good news is, visiting Maine you can’t go wrong. It’s all wonderful!! I’m a seasonal worker at LL Bean, so I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you to visit us in Freeport to help us to celebrate our 100th Anniversary year! Have a wonderful trip, can’t wait to hear about it…

    • Hi Carol! Thanks for commenting. I knew there was another Maineiacal blogger, and I remember going to your site and reading your blogs. But, when I wrote this, I could not pull your name out of my memory.
      The interesting thing is that now, the names you are mentioning are familiar to me. I’ve seen them on the map or while looking for a place to rent.
      At this point, (Sun. am) we’re considering an apartment in Bar Harbor, a cottage in Bass Harbor, or another apartment in Lincolnville. All have views, and are near the water. The cottage has more privacy and a deck/porch but nothing in walking distance. The others are smaller but near to the action. We need to decide by tomorrow I think.
      I hope we can stop at LL Bean. Hubby needs some new dress slacks 🙂

  9. Jeff says:

    We live in Texas and have been to Maine once. It was magnificent. I’ve seen Stephen King’s house, btw. It’s in Bangor, and we were not pointed in the wrong direction. I would not let my wife go knock on the front door, though. 🙂 Bar Harbor is wonderful. We went in October, right at the end of their tourist season. The clam chowder was unforgettable. Sadly, we only stayed one night. I would have liked to have taken the ferry over to Nova Scotia. Oh, and the coastal view in Ogunquit is pretty amazing, if you can find a place to park. It’s all beautiful.

    • Wow, only one night. That would be tough with so many beautiful sights to take in.
      I do hope to at least get a picture outside of Stephen King’s house. I wouldn’t have the balls to knock on his door, but if I saw him on the street? I’d love to shake his hand – I’m a big fan.

      • Jeff says:

        Me, too! The house was cool. At that time, it was kind of dark pink, typical New England style, but the cast iron gate had gargoyles on the posts and a spider web design on the gate. It doesn’t look that big, but I have a book that has a picture from the air, and it goes back about a block! Supposedly, there’s an indoor pool in there somewhere.

  10. pegoleg says:

    My maine bit of advice for this trip is….WHY AREN’T YOU TAKING ME????? I mean, that love til death marriage vow stuff is all very nice, but jeezum crow (you have to learn to say that all the time in Maine), blood is thicker than water, isn’t it?

    • Why don’t you and Lib make the trip? I’ll be able to share our experiences with you.
      Seriously, I do wish we could all go together, but as you said, that marriage stuff is supposed to last til death do us part, and I ain’t parting yet! (and Pat really wants to go – I couldn’t say no – hanging head in shame). Love ya!

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