Happy Birthday, Pegoleg!!! :)

Today we pay tribute to Pegoleg because,  it’s her birthday! Yeah! Woo hoo! Congratulations, Peg on your 39th birthday (again).  Here’s your bloggy-birthday greeting!

(Cue “We are family,…. I got all my sisters with me – Sister Sledge)!

I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers.  I remember all nine of us kids singing and dancing to this tune – at the big house, years ago!  Sadly for you, there is no video, except in my head)

In honor of her special day, I went back into the vault of family pictures.  After all, a picture says a 1,000 words, right?  I’ve picked a few photos of the two of us as we were growing up just so you know how much I love my little sister.

Here we are, undercover, or over the top, or girls just wanna have fun!  I’m styling in Mom’s caftan or moomoo (sp?) and back-up wig.  Not sure where Peg got her unique look, but I likes it!

Going undercover in da’ neighborhood…what fun!

I’m a tennis nut, kind of self-taught at my favorite city park, where I’d go for pick-up games with the hippies who hung out then (it was the 70s).  Peg soon followed, becoming an accomplished player.  She was awarded a tennis scholarship to college!  I was so envious!

Getting a snack after a rousing tennis match!

DAMN, we were fit, and HOT!!!

Peg doesn’t have to worry about aging.  She’s still as youthful and talented as she ever was.  Who said white women can’t jump?  Man, can Peg leap!

Jumping for joy for matching PJs from Fingerhut. Thanks, Santa!

And, lest you forget, Peg loves her chocolate.  She doesn’t enjoy it as much since she won the Family Weight Loss Challenge last summer.  But, back when she was a wee-grasshopper, she indulged, occasionally.

Yum…Easter Candy…They said it melts in your mouth, not on your face!



Here’s a little known fact – Peg and I are the SAME AGE for two weeks.  Yes, it’s true!   When we were young, she loved that fact and would lord it over me! 😦  Now that we are more mature,  well, Peg might not like it so much.  Because now, she’s as OLD as me. Mwa-aahaaa.

My sister Peg is a talented, kind, loving, beautiful, multi-faceted woman and I am proud to say, my sister!

Give her a big bloggy birthday shout-out by going to her site and giving her your love – as in visit often, comment always, and click away on her site,  because, as you know,  she loves those stats!

Here’s the site:   www.pegoleg.com

(See how I’ve learned at your limber knee, oh weedhoopper?)

I Love you, Peg! Happy Birthday …  and many, many  more! 🙂

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Photos courtesy of Dad, the best photographer of all! He took the best “gotcha” pictures!

He chronicled all the silly things his kids made him endure as we were growing up. Thanks, also, to MK who stars in the Easter photo.  You can almost make out her halo, she’s so … wonderfully MK!  Love my family!


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41 Responses to Happy Birthday, Pegoleg!!! :)

  1. What a fun post! Really enjoyed the photos. Happy birthday Peg! – I’ll say it over there too, but I’m sure she looks here, so maybe I’ll get extra points for saying it twice, and that will be remembered next time she runs a competition. Just to be sure, I’d better also say how beautiful and young looking she is too. And funny, she’s very funny. And talented. There, that should do it…

  2. mary i says:

    I will second Vanessa,(not enough coffee to form my own tribute) Happiest of Happys Peg. BTW I have seen it spelled Muumuu. Have a great Hump Day 🙂

  3. Those pictures are priceless! I especially love the one of you two jumping–too bad the Olympics weren’t in Peg’s future, she achieved some great height there….

    I can clearly see how much you love your sister, Tar. I am fascinated by sisterly love as I only grew up with brothers who wanted nothing to do with me (unless they wanted to put someone in a headlock)

    Happy happy birthday to Pegolegomyeggo! I hope you day is filled with love and laughter!

    • pegoleg says:

      She got me, Darlique – she got me good. Looking at that apres-tennis shot of us it looks like there’s a birthday cake up on top of the refrigerator! With 11 people in the house, Mom was having parties (defined as cake and ice cream with candles and singing after dinner, just family) all the time. She’d put a home-made Happy Birthday sign up on the wall in the kitchen for the occasion. It got to be so, well, unrelenting that she left the same sign up year-round. Good times, good times.

      We had 3 brothers, but the 3 of us could put THEM in the headlock because, we were….THE BIG GIRLS. Always were, always will be.

  4. lexiemom says:

    Great pics! Happy Bday, Peg!

  5. pegoleg says:

    Tar!!!!!! You,,,you,,,(sputter, sputter, sputter) I spit my coffee at the screen! Thanks so much! Also, curse you, I’ll get you for this! Both at the same time. LOVE,LOVE those pictures.
    Now begins the time when we’re the same age and, you’re right, it’s not something I’m all that jazzed to rub in nowadays. Le Sigh.

    I love you more, sweetie!

    • Happy Day, Peg! Turnabout is fair play.
      I hope you appreciate how much time it took to get those darn photos scanned, sized and placed appropriately. In fact, it only took, oh, maybe 4 hours after I got back from BC to get this done before I could go to bed.
      This is one instance of where you should click the “notify of comments” button so you can enjoy the tributes from your fans. Go ahead, have fun with the comments, AND be sure to have a fabulous birthday!

  6. k8edid says:

    Oh, Tar…what a sweet and beautiful birthday tribute to your very lovely sister…Happy Birthday Miss Peg-o-leg

  7. What a beautiful and heartfelt honor for your same age birthday sibling PoL! It must have been fun 24/7 in that house. Love the pictures!

    • It was fun lots of the time but I didn’t mention the chores we had to do every day. We were the oldest so us Big Girls had to help with the six younger ones. That included diapers and dishes, for sure.
      I had a hard time deciding which pictures to share ’cause there are so many to choose from. Glad you enjoyed!

  8. Okay, I’m back… I was going to leave a message with Mary Poppins to wish you a happy birthday but I kept seeing poor Lib with her head in the toilet… although we could assume she’d seen the poster first and gotten to the top shelf of the refrigerator and eaten too much birthday cake. Anyway, to climb out of the toilet ~ Have the happiest of birthdays PoL and many more surrounded by your loving siblings!

    • Yeah, the timing of her post yesterday doesn’t lend itself to fun and merriment comments. I couldn’t tell her about my special surprise earlier because then it wouldn’t have been a surprise!
      I’m hoping she’ll go ahead and hijack this post since it is all about her!
      Jump in, Peg! The water’s fine.

  9. You really don’t hear enough about the pick up games of tennis that were integral to the hippie movement.

    Peg — are you a Sweet Potato Queen?!? That’s what the first picture looks like. . .

    Happy, happy birthday!!

    • pegoleg says:

      Thanks, Hippie! Sweet Potato Queen??? Only in my dreams.

      Tar put in the caption “undercover in the neighborhood” and we really were. We were supposed to clean the basement or closets or some such thing and started getting goofy. Mom was having coffee at a neighbor’s a block away so Tar and I got dressed up in the junk from the basement (high heels too, right?) and tripped on down to the neighbor’s house to say hi to Mom. That picture is in front of THEIR house. We figured if Mom forced us to slave labor, she deserved to be shamed in front of the whole neighborhood for her weird kids.

    • pegoleg says:

      Sweet Patootie Queen, you mean. Oh, yeah! We really DID spread the fun around the neighborhood like the caption says – we had to clean out the closets or basement or some such drudgery, so we dressed up in all the junk we found and tottered over on high heels, all dressed up to the neighbors down the block where our Mom was having coffee.

  10. Al says:

    Great tribute to your sis, Tar-buns. The two of you look like you were hard to guard.

  11. Really enjoyed the pictures and tidbits of info into both of your lives. A great tribute to your sister on her birthday!

  12. Dad says:

    Love the pictures! Nice blog! Thanks for the shout-out about being the family photographer… it was a necessary job – I was chronically the lifetime work your mother and I did. If it wasn’t for all of those pictures, we wouldn’t have all of these great memories. Now, my kids are photographers, snapping away like crazy. I’ve passed the hat on to my kids! Happy birthday, Peg.

    • Dad! How lovely that you stopped by to see my blog and wish Peg a happy birthday! It took many hours of frustrating work last night after I got back from BC before I finished it off. Whew… Tired today.
      Yes, I do love photography and learned through your talent.
      Had a great time on the boat yesterday, seeing the USS Edson and so on. Will upload those photos soon!
      Love you, Dad 🙂

      • pegoleg says:

        Thanks, Dad, for chronicling the history, not just of our family, but way before any of us came along. Thanks for the b-day wishes, and thanks to you and mom for making the whole day possible! 🙂

  13. pattisj says:

    Great post! Happy b-day, Peg.

  14. Barb says:

    This is great. We get the “rest of the story” through your site. Keep it coming. Happy birthday PegO

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