Nancy Sinatra Rocked Her Boots

I grew up in a house full of music, thanks to my Dad, who loved to sing and enjoyed a variety of musical genres.  I played piano and most of my siblings played one or more musical instruments, so tunes infused my life from early on.

The first music video I remember was Nancy Sinatra singing her famous song, These Boots Were Made For Walking.   It came out in 1966 (I was very young) and was #1 in the USA and the UK. Listen to the lyrics – what a hoot!

I saw this remarkable early video in a restaurant lobby.  There was a special jukebox that had a TV or projection screen.  I watched, mesmerized, as a video of Sinatra strutting her stuff and singing that great song unfolded before me.

Most of the dancers had ratted  hairdos, long sweater shirts and black undies, white lipstick, and heavy dark eyeliner. (It was the 60’s fashion)  You know, go-go girls! They all wore boots, but Nancy’s were leather, knee-high kickers.

The song was a big hit and the video showcased the seduction. Yes, I said seduction.

I’d never seen anything like it before, except on variety TV programs  like The Ed Sullivan Show.  He introduced American audiences to the likes of The Beatles, along with many other rising stars of the time.  Small beans, I know.

The next most memorable music video for me was The Cars Dire Straits singing their famous song I Want My MTV.  They helped put MTV on the map, when their new format was all music videos, all the time. It was a radical programming move for 1980. That’s not the case today, but I imagine many readers of the younger persuasion first saw music videos through this venue.

As for Ms. Sinatra? No entertainer today has anything over Nancy  and her walking boots.  Her video was considered risque’ for the time.  Yet, it was a lesson in seduction, without the nudity, vile language, and explicit body movements you see too much of today.

To this day, These Boots Were Made For Walking  is the most memorable music video for me.  Whether it was the novelty of it or my youthful innocence, Nancy Sinatra rocked those boots like none other!

How about you? What (or who?) was the most memorable music video you watched?

PS – I learned a valuable lesson here.  Always check the facts before posting in case my memory is off, which in this case, it was. Thanks to Pegoleg for correcting my facts.  Sheesh…


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36 Responses to Nancy Sinatra Rocked Her Boots

  1. Oh yes, love that song and video!

    I know it’s an obvious choice, but the most memorable music video from my younger years was probably Thriller. Also Take on Me by A-Ha, just because it seemed so revolutionarily clever at the time – drawings and real people turning into each other!

    • Yes, both are good. The changing technology took music videos to complete mini-movies. And there are actually many videos I like, just not so many now a days because I don’t watch those shows.
      I think it was Michael Jackson who showed the dissolve into another face technique in his “Look in the Mirror” song (title?) That made me gasp the first time I saw it.

  2. I remember songs more than music videos–guess I’m older that you (54)? When I read your post the tune to Nancy’s song was zipping through my head… “One of these day these boot are gonna walk all over you.” I loved that song!

    There are too many songs I just loved as a kid–Beatles songs, but others as well. Love Potion #9 was a fave. Was there a video of that?

  3. mary i says:

    I too grew up loving all music even opera due to my grandmother. We had all the great musicals on (Oh My) vinyl records. As above I had to many favorites to list. I remember that Cars hit it turned my mom onto MTV she was hooked. I cant say much for alot of todays stuff,I just don’t “get” it…

    • My Dad wasn’t so much into opera but I’ve enjoyed the gamut, from classical to rock, jazz and R&B, folk music and early rap (MJ Hammer -Hammertime) And, I still have my vinyl collection. Just need to replace the 1980 stereo system I still have 🙂

  4. Tom says:

    Yes, that was a great video. The one I enyoyed was Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love. 1986 He was dressed in a white shirt, black tie and black pants. The background was High Fashion models. One on keyboards, one on drums and three guitar players. They were all dressed identically in black and were wearing the same makeup very pale and red lipstick. They all had the same expression on there face not smiling. Palmer died in 2003.

    • Oooh, I love that song and video, too. Another example of sultry song and video. I also love “Simply Irresistible” by Robert Palmer!
      Very good choice, but then I always knew you had good taste! 🙂

      Palmer died very young. He was 50 when he died of a heart attack, if memory serves me. That’s pretty young to me now, being 50-something myself. Come back again!

  5. Angie Z. says:

    I remember seeing this and wanting my very own sparkly hot pants. With boots too — how chic!

    Most memorable video I watched was hands-down Thriller. It blew my mind. It was like a short feature film!

  6. Jeff says:

    I remember when that song came out. But I’ve never seen the video. Thanks for sharing it. It’s hard for me to say what my most memorable music video is…I’ve seen so many. I’ve always enjoyed the video to “What Is Love?” by Howard Jones.

  7. Tar-Buns, when you were born in the Dark Ages like I was you were born too late for music videos. As a “youngster” I was one of those hippy freaks into folk music and they didn’t make music videos. MTV? I can tell you about the day the family brought home our first TV! As a “mature woman” I did enjoy Nancy Sinatra and her white boots (yes, I did have a pair).

  8. Okay, in this video the boots are black, I had the white “go-go” boots!

  9. This took me right back to 1981 when we first got MTV. We were one of the first on my block to get cable. (Up until that point it was 4 channels on my mom’s little black and white.) I remember how transfixed we all were, waiting for the next video to come on. Of course, there weren’t many so they’d just recycle the same ones over and over. I loved to watch Def Leppard, Pat Benatar, U2…those were the days!

  10. mj monaghan says:

    Welcome, TB!

    I have so many music memories. I was 7 when Boots came out, but I remember it well. It was on the radio all the time.

    Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants to Rule the World was a favorite of mine in the 80’s. And of course, anything by Whitney Houston (bless her soul).

    Even though I’m twice as old as most dirt, I’m a huge Eminem fan. Looking past the profanity, his lyrics are very profound and emotional.

    Be sure to hop over to my blog as soon as possible:

    Here’s what Peg ( said about me:
    “Hands down, the sweetest and most charming, self-absorbed blogger I’ve ever virtually met … A MUST read!”

    And Darla – Oh my Darla, Clementine – at said the following:
    “So pretentious, and yet so genuine. Be sure to read this highly-acclaimed cultural icon. I always comment on his blog because he’s so engaging and entertaining, and yet humble at the same time.”

    Okay, MAYBE they didn’t say these things. I could have some of the verbiage a little out of context. MAYBE. 🙂

  11. pegoleg says:

    The thing that struck me the most about that video is the dancer in the front row has a pretty good-sized booty to go with her booties! Apparently this was a few years pre-Twiggy.

    I also remember that I Want My MTV video, but wasn’t it Dire Straits – Money for Nothing? They had the robot/cartoon characters – cooool! Thriller was a huge milestone, but I also loved just about anything Weird Al Yankovic (Like a Surgeon, Eat It) – he cracks me up!

  12. When I was in first grade, the only thing I wanted in life was go-go boots, no doubt inspired by the Nancy & Lee album in my parents’ collection. I got a pair for Christmas. What kind of parents give a six-year old go-go boots? (Congratulations on jumping into the blog pool!)

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