My Green Acres Life

Once upon a time I was quite cosmopolitan and lived in a beautiful, big city.  I had a business career and dressed in suits, carried a briefcase, and wore high heeled pumps.  I worked with some major movers and shakers.  It was exciting!

The city was (and still is) gorgeous, with loads of cultural events to attend.  I loved living by the lake with all the excitement a big city offers.

I first left my beloved city to live abroad for two years in Japan, as an Assistant English Teacher (AJET).  Talk about cultural immersion and fascinating scenery!  It was a grand adventure.  That experience led to my leaving the big city permanently, returning to my roots in Michigan to become a teacher.

While studying to become a state certified teacher, I met THE man who would become my husband.  Now, I live in the country on many acres of land, in an old house, needing many replacements and repairs.  And critters.  And weeds. And spiders.  And bugs that like to bite me!

That’s when I started hearing the theme song from the TV show, Green Acres in my mind.  Loudly…

You know, the show where a glamorous city diva meets the man of her dreams and he decides to become a farmer and live in the country.  Gotta love Zsa Zsa Gabor in that role as she intones “Dahling, I love ya, but give me Park Avenue!”

And so, here I am living the Green Acres life.  I miss some things about my beloved big city, like the lake and plays, music and museums, restaurants, and sidewalks.  But I sure don’t miss the traffic, noise and lack of privacy in high-rise land.

It’s been some years now in the country and I have adjusted.  My husband is a fabulous gardener and he grows beautiful flowers and veggies from seed.  We’ve planted many trees in the past 15 years as well, so our ‘estate’ is quite beautiful.  (OK, truth be told, I helped and he did the heavy digging).

I still visit my favorite city at least once a year.  That’s about the only way I can get anyone to eat sushi with me! 🙂

I fondly remember my life before Green Acres.  But, today, I wouldn’t change a thing!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BIG thanks to my mentor and sister, Pegoleg, who got me started on this thing called blogging.  She’s in a field all by herself (not literally, c’mon), she’s so talented and witty.

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This is my Green Acres Life - somewhere over the rainbow.
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43 Responses to My Green Acres Life

  1. pegoleg says:

    Miss Guitar, Tar-buns, Terry, Tar-baby, Theresa…I’m SO proud of you getting this off the ground. Thanks for all the support you’ve shown me. I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to returning the favor as we trade quips on the blogosphere.

    Welcome to WordPress, sistah!

  2. Cathi's Meanderings says:

    Understand the joy of life unfettered by city congestion, noise, people as well as missing concerts, museums, variety of entertainment, but, gosh, once I go back to the city for a bit, I’m more than elated to return to a far slower lifestyle.

    • Tar-Buns says:

      Amen, Ms Meanderings (I love to do that, and DO, often, in my mind).
      I do NOT miss the traffic, sitting in traffic jams, the dumpster noise early AM in the alley behind my building, small spaces to live in… me thinks we are on the same page!

      I give thanks that I can walk outside in my skivvies and no one will know. I love that I can drive the 10 miles to work in about 15 minutes. I love that I have a garage and my car gets to sleep safely in there every night, without costing an additional $150/mo. At least that’s what it cost 15 years ago.

      Thanks for reading my virgin-blog post!

  3. YAY!!! Finally!! 😀

    This is so exciting! I’ve never been present for the ‘birth’ of a blog before…to read someone’s very first post. I have to say, even though you are a newbie,you are already doing a fantastic job, Tar. Loved reading about your life and where you live now. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Tar-Buns says:

      I must also thank YOU for encouraging me these past months. I’m giggling as I read comments from people I don’t know … yet! Giddy as a school girl am I 🙂

      BTW, me and hubby are planning to road trip to … wait for it (steal the good stuff from Peg)… Maine! Really! Third week of Aug so it’s coming soon and we are of course not ready.

      Peg wants to come so bad, but I can’t take both of them with me, sadly :(.
      We’ll talk later!
      Thanks for visiting me! Love and smooches,
      T-woman, still giggling 🙂

  4. Elyse says:

    Welcome, Tar-Buns!

  5. libertarian says:

    Congrats, Tar-baby. Two bloggers in one family… do I have enough time to read all the entries?? Good luck, girl!

    • Tar-Buns says:

      Thanks, Libster! You’re the best! Read when you can, comment all the time! At least a LITTLE comment, you know, just a morsel or so. Love you!

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging! I have enjoyed reading your replies to your beloved Peg-o-Leg on her blogs and look forward to yours.

    • Tar-Buns says:

      Thanks so much, Carol! I, too, have enjoyed your banter on the various blogs I haunt.
      Lucky me, I get a launch from my oh so successful bloggy sister. Come back when you can – I’d love to visit!

  7. Welcome Tar! Happy to see you trying your hand at this. You’re already off to a great start, with a first post which included ancient history, 60’s TV references and sibling rivalry (OK, I didn’t really see any overt rivaly, but if you read between the lines…)

    Looking forward to seeing more and more.

  8. Tar-Buns says:

    Hey, 1PointPerspective. I love your avatar, by the way.
    My husband could match you, if he shaved the hair off the sides (and he does have beautiful, curly red-gold hair, what’s left, that is).
    Stay tuned for something I’m cooking for next week, in honor of my wonderful sister, Pegolicious!
    Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  9. pattisj says:

    It sounds like you have a lovely place in Michigan. Like Darla, I don’t think I’ve attended the birth of a blog, either. How exciting!

  10. hollybernabe says:

    Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere! It’s pretty wild, but no doubt you’ll love it. It’s addicting. 🙂

  11. Roly says:

    Welcome to blogging. Many lovely people and a couple of nasties blog. Make some great cyber friends and enjoy meeting new people.

  12. Loved this first post. What a mentor you have in your sister. My husband and I have one foot in the city and another out in the country. Just can’t figure out where we ultimately want to be. I had no problem knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up…like you a teacher…but I just don’t know where to retire soon, very soon.

    • I am so envious that you are retiring soon. Since teaching is my second ‘professional’ career, I don’t have the years needed to retire now. Just wish teacher bashing wasn’t in vogue as it has been this past year.
      Yes, my sister is the best! Thanks for visiting my little blog 🙂

  13. Shannon says:

    Welcome to blogging. Hey! I’m not the newbie anymore. I enjoyed the commenting on your newer first post…actually learned something. Okay, so maybe I am still the newbie.

    It’s the country life for me, too. Don’t miss the “joys” of the city one bit anymore. And the bugs and I have learned to just get along. 🙂

    • I wish the bugs would learn to get along – as in get along, little buggies, shoo, go away!
      Most of the summer I have to cover up to enjoy my yard without getting eaten alive, turning into a paranoid,itchy … gal!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  14. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood! So, Peg explained your blog title, but I wanna know where “Tar-Buns” came from.

    • When I went to Girl Scout camp, oh, so many summers ago, everyone needed a camp nickname. TAR was mine just because of my initials, not the most creative at the time.
      Over the years, it evolved in the family as new endings were attached.
      I think my brother Jimbo was the first one who called me Tar-Buns, so he gets the credit!
      Peg has always spoken highly of you and your blog. Thanks for the welcome 🙂

  15. Welcome to blogging! That’s cool that you spent some time in Japan teaching English.

    • Thanks, Thoughtsy! I’ve seen your avatar in all the right places. Heard you are also a teacher.
      My experience in Japan is what led me to become a ‘real’, full fledged, certified teacher. Big difference teaching in Japan vs here lately.

  16. Mary Kay says:

    Congratulations on your very first blog. I’m so proud of you and Peg and your wonderful writing ability. I’d like to think I had a hand in this since I road tripped to Peg-o-land blogvilles (IL) and kept you both company as the creative Richart sisters were working.Thanks for letting me tag along and I look forward to many more super blogs.

    • Thanks, MK! I have spent the better part of the last 3 days working on getting things going for this first post, downloading pictures from my camera onto the computer (Yes! I really did it) and today, working on my newest post. You should like it – Nancy Sinatra.
      Now I MUST get out of the house and go see people. Hope you are having a great weekend. We’ll talk soon!
      Smooches to you!

  17. lexiemom says:

    Welcome to WordPress, Tar. I’ve enjoyed following your sister’s blog, and I look forward to reading what witty and fun entries you will be sure to entertain us with as well.

  18. k8edid says:

    Tar Buns – at last! Welcome, welcome, welcome. So good to see you. Love your description of your Green Acres life – it made me more than a little homesick for Michigan. Next trip through I shall have to look you up – it’s what bloggers do.

    I love that you are a teacher – and also hate that teacher-bashing is so popular. Thanks for doing what you do.

  19. BillThePraise&WorshipGuy says:

    Congratulations, Terry, on your blog! Now you won’t write long, text-heavy emails to us, your sibs, and write long, text-heavy blog entries instead! (BTW, regarding your reply to cathi’s meanderings: do we REALLY need to know of your skivvy-wanderings when there is no company around??>??? Er, thanks for that visual…) Anyways, we’re proud of you and are looking forward to your pearls of wisdom!

    • Thanks, Bill. Still so much to learn, like sizing correctly the old picture I scanned in to my computer. Aarghhh.
      Had fun watching the progress of the tug Colonel as she brings the retired (decommissioned?) USS Edson to Bay City, MI. I’ve charted it here since Fri night. She is out of the Detroit River now but is out of range so I can’t see it on the map anymore.
      You enter the ship’s name in the box on left (the Colonel since that is the ship which is underway) and they show these little boats and a code as to what type of boat they are.
      This could be a blog post, if I knew how to upload all this stuff.
      Are you coming to see the Edson arrive? They’re saying Tuesday arrival now.

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