Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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Note: This is my “Welcome to WordPress” from WordPress post.  When I got the shell of this here blog up, with the help of Pegoleg, I didn’t have MY first post ready to publish.  So, I got comments on my welcome post.

I started this blog to write more and chronicle my life of adventures.  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for some pearls cast your way!


About Tar-Buns @ Here and ThereSa

This is my Green Acres Life - somewhere over the rainbow.
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21 Responses to Hello world!

  1. HURRAY I’m glad you have a blog now!

    • Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised to get your comment! I’m curious though how you found me? My mentor (sister) wondered about that since I haven’t published my first post yet.
      So much to learn, like how to upload and insert pictures, use my reader and widgets and … YIKES!
      Stay tuned for something, sometime, hopefully this week! 🙂

      • I’m slightly WordPress Retarded. Something that stands out to me is that you are “signed in” up there (the comment I’m commenting to, where you are “hereandtheresa) and you are NOT signed in otherwise (when you commented to Peg-O-Leg for example, as Tar-Buns)
        You CAN (on your home/profile page) change your name (so that hereandtheresa with the cool clicky link thing will read Tar-Buns with the cool clicky link thing). Your “name” doesn’t HAVE to be the same as your website. Your web address doesn’t have to be the same as your “name” or as your “blog title”. You can change them to whatever you want.
        You have a limited amount of free space to upload photos (and etc) like from your computer. You do this by clicking on the camera icon above the text box when you are typing in a new article. If you already have the pictures somewhere on the internets (like flicker or something) you can insert them into your article too (without using any of your limited free space).
        This can be done either with good ole fashioned html OR by clicking the TAB on the upper right of the text box, and then clicking the little button that says “img” … you then paste your IMAGE URL into the box that pops up.
        If you don’t know how to find your image url, you go to your photo, put your mouse arrow on it, “right” click on it and from the menu that pops up select “Properties” .. in about the middle of this box is “Address: (URL)” followed by something like http://www.blogcdn.com/www.slashfood.com/media/2011/02/coffe-mug-and-beans-590.jpg
        that whole gobbledy gook is what you copy and paste into your “img” box to put a picture on your blog.
        (copy=highlight then type ctrl+c… paste= (with cursor where you want it to go) ctrl+v)
        Your “Visual” tab gives you a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) of your post. Here, if you do not wish to resize or move your image with html, you can do it with simple mouse clicks.
        I’m sorry if my attempt at helping was overly step-by-step. I’m sort of accustomed to explaining everything this way.
        If I’ve said too much already, please don’t feel insulted. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best or else tell you “fuck if I know” if I really have no clue, and no clue how to start.
        Really glad you have a ‘blog!
        I did some magic-y looking twiddling of my fingers at the screen just now. That should work to infuse it with some magic.

      • Wow! Thanks for the informational training. I am so woefully behind in knowing what to do with pictures, let alone putting them into my blog. I spent 4+ HRs today downloading pictures from my digital camera to the computer, then creating files by event, and organizing the 247 pix I downloaded. I need help NOW!!!

        I very much appreciate your taking the time to outline ‘how-tos’ for tasks I will need to do, soon!

        I’m working on my first post, getting my classroom together after new carpet was installed last week, (yeah! after 12 years of ducttape!) curriculum (school) stuff today, new SUV (I’m trying to figure out new digital gadgets).

        My Hubby and I are planning a trip from MI to Maine in 2.5 weeks. Have to figure out travel plan, route, where to stay,find yummy seafood, walk on the ocean, etc., etc., etc., you know.

        This is exciting and overwhelming, at least for now. Thanks again for checking in on me while I’m in the repair shop, so to speak 🙂 Hope to publish soon!!!

        The T-Berry-Buns Woman

      • PS – I was not offended in the least by your helpful comments. You did not go on or offend in any way.

        I’m not going to ask how “it” goes. Must say, I am right now imbibing a brewski and cig while typing this.

        Bad me. Bad for my health. But oh so pleasurable.

        The full moon will be up any time now. When I figure out how to upload my photos, I can share some kick-ass sunsets, clouds, and more.


      • First of all… ANY changes you make to your photos, save them as a “different name” (in other words, do not click “Save” click “Save As…” and rename the NEW version).
        This will keep your originals “original” … with their same density and focus and frame and all the lovely things you will cherish and miss if you happen to crop one and then can never go back.
        Second First of all, for ALL web-stuff you do with your photos, RESIZE THEM (your photo editing thing might have an option to resize to “small”… or mediumish). If you send photos to family members’ email in their original from-the-new-fancy-camera-condition they will complain about how long it takes the email to load (it might even bounce back as undeliverred by the ISP) (a lot of times emails will automatically resize images as well). If you put your giant photos on your website, people might not want to stick around for the page to load. Not as “big” of a deal as it was in the days of dial-up, but it’s still a thoughtful consideration if you’re not doing some grand display of your skills in close-up photography of pollen on bee hairs. If you resize the image on your computer, rename it (see first first of all).
        “Resizing” isn’t about how physically large a photo is, it has to do with pixel density. Which, if you are printing your pictures onto nice photograph quality paper, you WANT the high dpi in order to get something closer to “photograph quality” … but on the internet, you can go really low and the image will still be quite lovely. Also, the lower “density” photo will take up less room in your storage (free or purchased, both are finite).
        I THINK if you get a flicker account (which I think is free) you can dump your photos “as is” into it and flicker will automatically create various sizes for you. I don’t have one so I don’t know.
        If this is true, you won’t use any of your “WordPress” space to link the photo from there.. but choosing a “smaller” version will help your WordPress page load faster.
        And that is all for my short talk on pictures for now. I am doing fine with the poison. I just had a cigarette (which I have not decided to quit yet).

  2. pegoleg says:

    Here I am! It took me a while to track you down, sista.

    Welcome to WordPress! I’m happy you decided to join the party. Good luck playing around, learning the ropes and getting your first post together.

    p.s. We need to add a subscription widget to the right=hand column.

    • Tar-Buns says:

      Peg-o-my-heart! THANK YOU for encouraging me, and teaching me how to get started (almost). Guess I will need to add Tar-Buns to my avatar. So much to do.
      I’ll try to add a subscription widget. Wish me luck! 🙂

  3. Off the Wall says:

    Hi Tar-Buns, loved your first post, welcome to the wonderful world of word press! I have not been very active writing blogs lately due to a legal matter, but still read them all the time!

    • Tar-Buns says:

      You probably figured this isn’t actually my first post, right? I had to keep my Welcome to WordPress post because I had comments! My Green Acres Life is #1.
      Good luck with the legal matters! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. mary i says:

    Ok I am not a blogger.Just a mere follower/suscriber of writers with “life” in them. Please note your #’s just went up by 1. Your sis makes me smile and think, I feel you can also. Hello from T-town Alabama 🙂

  5. mary i says:

    I clicked on your widget to get you hope it works… The world is big and you are now part of it.

  6. Tar-Buns says:

    Hello T-town Alabama (my kind of name, as I am T-Buns, T-Berry, and so on)
    I just became a blogger after following my sister and her blogging friends for over a year. Without an avatar. Hated that. I found many great writers through her blog and the Freshly Pressed posts.
    Today, I finally got started.
    Thanks for stopping! Pull up a chair and set yourself down!

  7. lexiesnana says:

    Hi loved your first post and hope to see more.I started blogging last year and it took me a while to figure things out and I still don’t know a lot,but I do it for myself and don’t get caught up in the numbers game.Will come back.God’s Blessings

  8. Very nice debut post!

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